Stansberry Research

2019 CES Dispatch: Day One

The Consumer Electronics Show and events like it are where Dave Lashmet and his team have found some of the most lucrative opportunities in the history of Stansberry Research. Watch the video below to see all the highlights from Day 1.


LG's roll-up televisionThis is one of Dave's favorites, but he believes there's another use for this technology that could make it even more valuable.

4k Video at 30 frames per secondThis cutting-edge innovation could completely render the traditional movie theater obsolete.

Robots teaching robotsThis artificial intelligence breakthrough could help factories and small businesses scale in real-time.

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From Sony's AIBO bionic dog, to in-flight virtual reality and Audi's autonomous A8, the Stansberry team at CES is leaving no stone unturned in search of innovations could turn into the next Apple... Amazon... or Salesforce — with the potential to hand investors gains of 500%... 700%... even 1,000% or more over the next few years. Take a look at the highlights from day 1: